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Muslim Women Facing Challenges in Education

Muslim women have caliber and understanding to interpret
complex knowledge. Their capabilities and skills are same as of
women in different societies. Muslim woman have good mind
and willingness to educate themselves. They are being deprived
of proper education. On national and international level, many
movements are working to enlighten the Muslim woman with
education. Religion Islam has laid a lot of importance to education.
Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) emphasized that both men and women
should get education. In one of his speeches, he told the people to
go for education even if one has to go to china. As china at that,
time was considered very far.

Some young Muslim girls reach high school. However, they get good
grades and have a strong thirst of education. They are not allowed
to study in colleges and universities. The Muslim woman need to
get engaged in business, engineering and technical fields. When the
woman will be educated, she will also participate in the economic
activity. Woman can help in increasing the per capita income of the

The Muslim women are facing more challenges in world then any
other. They are least educated women in the world. Islam focuses
a lot on education and there are many Quranic verses and sayings
of the last prophet related to knowledge and the importance of
education. They should be encouraged and assisted to prove them
and their skills.

Times are changing and it has dawned upon every individual that if
he or she wants to be successful and live a happy life then there is
going to need a lot of current information and knowledge. It is just
not only the Muslim women that need to change them but also the
Muslim men who should alter in the manner of thinking they had
earlier. Remember, change never comes outside you but it starts
within you. Only you can change your thinking and then implement
the new ideas. If you are a strong believer in yourself then you will
see the changes happening around you very soon.

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