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Social Challenges Faced By Muslim Woman

Society is putting more and more pressure on the Muslim woman.
They are often kept uneducated. Freedom of speech is not allowed
in many families. Speaking and complaining elders are considered
a sin. When a Muslim girl is in her teens, her parents are worried
for her marriage. In most scenarios the groom is twice the age of
bride. Islam has given the right to girl to choose her partner under
the guidance of parents. Still the Muslim girl tries her level best to
maintain the self-esteem of her parents. She stays focus on two
things that is to either compromise or sacrifice.

Some Muslim women often become a product of inheritance. Some
illiterate men and women do not want that daughters should be
given shares in their father’s property. As the mother and brothers
think that, she will get married and she will take away their wealth.
Islam does not teach this thing and forbids this greatly. The Holy
Quran also tells us that Allah commands for the heir that two
female shares are equal to one male. It means that sons share is
more than the girl is. The Muslim female even has to fight her case
often in the court.

As far as women are concerned, the social challenges faced by
Muslim or non-Muslim women are almost the same and even the
powerful and influential women of their time could not manage
to escape from that. Even in the most of the advanced countries,
the women get raped, robbed and murdered as well as forced to
adopt carnal professions is common. However, the situation seems
to be worsening for the Muslim woman in the Eastern societies as
compared to West.

Presently, Muslim women are suffering male dominating behaviours,
social injustice and neglect. Although there are emerging women in
profession like law, police, army even politics and they raise their
voices. Various organizations and NGOs are also shouting aloud but
not much is done against that. It is surprising that United Nations
have their eyes closed upon several issues of Muslim woman in the
third world countries.

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