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The western media often raises comments on the rights of Muslim
woman. They think that women are the most deprived. Muslim
woman are given proper guidance since 1400 years ago. The
questions raised on the integrity of Muslim woman will be discussed.


Some people think that when women wears hijab she is being over
ruled and she has no freedom. Muslim woman is not an ordinary
woman. She keeps her head covered, as hair becomes a reason
of attraction to men. It has long lasting effects in this world and
hereafter as well. As in Quran and teachings of Holy Prophet
(P.B.U.H) Muslim woman are being told to cover themselves.
Muslim woman presents her as much beautifully as she can in front
of her husband and she hides or puts veil on her face and beauty
I front of others that are namehrum to her. However, keeping
one covered from head to toe does not become an obstacle in
performing her duties, jobs, studies and business. They have equal
rights to educate them, work or do business just like Muslim men.


This question is often raised among west that Muslim men have
more rights over women and they think polygamy is absurd. It is
very untrue and a biased opinion. When men are allowed to keep
four wives women are given the right to choose to stay within the
bond or eject. Polygamy is only allowed in certain situations and
there is a very tough criterion according to the Shari’ah before
option for another marriage for men. They are bound to provide
equal facilities and do justice. Allah swt clearly says in Quran that
it is impossible for the polygamist to do justice among his woman,
as he may love one of his wives more than he may love his other
wives. He is answerable to Allah swt if fails to do justice among his
wives. Therefore, it is only allowed to men to become polygamist if
the wife is sterile or unable to fulfill his rights in the bedroom. This
is an excellent approach to prevent adultery and illegal relationship
prevailing in the society.

Women are growing in number more as compared to men. In olden
times if the male died in war or due to natural causes the woman
were suppose to engage them to another wedlock with the man of
their choice. The widow, in that way could get their home, shelter,
protection and name of the man for herself and her children. In the
present era, if you look at the ratio of number of men and women
then you can easily see that women population is more than men
are. Girls grow old waiting for the suitable candidate for marriage
and this is something that disturbs their lives as well as of their

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