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Ramadan is the most Holy Month of the Islamic Lunar Calender, and as such, is extremely important to Muslims. During this ninth month of the Lunar Calendar, self-denial is paramount, involving not eating or drinking during daylight hours and other self-sacrifices, such as not smoking. It is also the time of the year when people take the time to examine their lives and see where any improvements can be made. These may include giving up any bad habits, patching up and differences with family and friends and forgive those who have done us a disservice.


With the lack of food during the daylight hours, it can place a large strain on the body, as can the lack of fluid. So, when they are permitted to eat and drink, during the time they are permitted, it is wise for them to eat and drink foods that are valuable to keep them satiated during this time. A lot of Muslims eat dates and other things that are easily digested but will provide the necessary fuel that the body needs during this sacrifice.


During this lunar month, which can be around eleven days behind each year simply  because of the lunar calendar not being the same as the  seasonal calendar, Ramadan does not have a set date. This year of two thousand and twelve, for instance, it will be between the twentieth July and the eighteenth of August. Every thirty four years, a Muslim will have fasted for every day of the Georgian Calendar.


When the Muslim feels hunger and thirst during this period, then it is hoped that he or she will relate to those who go hungry every day, increased prayers will make a person feel nearer to the Creator and accept that everything good comes from Him.


Ramadan is a time of self-sacrifice for Muslims that brings them peace, closer to God, and reinforces values. Some of these values are already learnt, but may need to be reinforced and many use this time for self-improvement as well.


If for instance the diet is not healthy, then this period of abstinence can bring much healthier eating habits by the personal sacrifice of sweet unhealthy things in exchange for foods that are going to last a person from one evening to the next. This also goes for fluids, so only water consumed is a very good idea, or tea. Fruit drinks can also help, although they must be pure juice and not adulterated.


Eating must be restricted also, in order that the person feels hunger which people in other places have every day due to unavailability of any foodstuffs or even safe drinking fluid.  Charity is also increased so that Muslims feel generous towards others and tolerate other’s foibles better than they sometimes do. With the change around in the habits during this month, the opportunity to find more healthy foods and cultivate less bad habits such as ceasing to smoke is quite possible and desirable.


Another value that improves is good speech, the development of good manners and bad habits are hopefully changed. There are many family and community gatherings, so relations are improved with others, both at home and abroad. With all this purifying, the Muslim cannot help but emerge from Ramadan a hopefully better person. The overall health includes the physical, moral and mental as well.



Contrary to most Western thinking, those who practice Ramadan doe not practice gluttony during the time that they are allowed to eat and drink. The food for this time is light, and is meant to give strength for the time of fasting and purify the body. Most if not all of it is healthy, and is easily digested, so they do not go into the day with a stomach full of heavy foods, but rather those that will keep them full for longer.


These foods are extremely simple and are very close to natural as they can be. They include fruits and a staple of dates, figs, olives and breads which gives some protein for the body cells to work on. Honey is also very popular including honey cakes. Honey is a natural energy-giver, unlike sugar, which spikes and drops very quickly in the blood, and often takes  very little time to be digested, leaving a feeling of hunger. Honey is also a natural stomach-soother and antibiotic, should the stomach rebel at being subjected to this deprivation of food all day.


There are two meals that are eaten during this time, one at the beginning of the fast or Sudhoor as it is called. This is a very light meal and precedes the day’s fasting and will probably include any or all of the above foods. Water and tea are commonly drunk and everyone prepares to fast. This meal is taken just before daylight.


The other meal is the Iftar, which is taken after dark, when the fast ends for the day. This meal or hahalal of permitted foods can be heavy but most Muslims prefer to keep it simple. Fish or suchlike is acceptable or perhaps chicken.

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