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Author: Shazia Jilani

Originally known as Abdullah ibn Qays, Hazrat Abu Musa Ashaari (RA) belonged to the land of Yemen. He was among the early converters of Islam and accepted Islam in that period when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was still in Mecca. Then he returned to Yemen and started preaching Islam and returned to Holy Prophet (PBUH) at the end of Khyber expedition with a small group of people from his area who had accepted Islam. His re-appearance after such a long time was welcomed by Prophet (SAW) and His companions.

Hazrat Abu Musa Ashaari (RA) became popular in Medina because of his certain qualities. He was a great faqih, naturally gifted with extraordinary intelligence and wisdom. He also earned respect as a judge because his judgments were sound and wise. These qualities led him to be a good politician and he was appointed as the governor of Yemen by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He also got the governorship of Kufa and Basra during the caliphates of Hazrat Umer (RA) and Hazrat Usman (RA).

We can see a small dispute in history regarding Hazrat Abu Musa Ashaari (RA) during the caliphate of Hazrat Ali (RA) when he was disposed from the post of governor of Kufa. There was no question about his skills as a fighter as he joined many military expeditions and played part in the victory of Muslims. He led Muslim army in the Battle of Tustar which was fought against Sasanian Empire; here he showed his skills as a military commander. However, after the Battle of Siffin he returned to Hejaz, retired himself from the public affairs, and died in 662 or 672 AD.

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