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When the French Republic passed a draft law that “no one can, in the public space, wear clothing intended to hide the face”, critics began their flow of motions while supporters reason the thoughts of laying down their tolerance. Two weeks after the alarm in this Muslim minority republic assembly, followed by chains of reactions and opinions; somewhere else in an Islamic university of eastern India, students demand female lecturer to wear burqas.

The Aliah University Calcutta campus located in West Bengal, with nearly a forth of population in the state are Muslims, burqas are a common sight. While lawmakers in the west push the fight against burqa, the garment is unlikely to cause a stir in any Muslim state. Of course, France is only an opposite of India’s West Bengal with a Muslim population that sums up to 5 million of its 62 million citizens. Nevertheless, of France estimated 5 million Muslims, only a tiny minority around 2,000 wear full Islamic veil attire.
Democracy strives in an open stage. Stigmatizing may be known as better off for the majority in any both situation of Muslim minority or majority but the value of freedom, equality, and justice transcends every community. The victory in France will initiate similar legislation in other Western countries but Muslim nations will not remain in their silence.

In the impulse of arguments and complexity, the deep and somewhat ambiguous issue of burqa makes it easy to wonder whether the issue is only a buzzword that affects big players and extreme corners of our world. When in Rome, do what the Romans do.

Source : Islam Online

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