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In the beginning of Islam whoever accepted islam, was subjected to severe afflictions.  Parents of hadrat Ammar  R.A. parents  were among those who bore the wrath of the disbeliever. Ammar R.A mother was first Martyr lady of Islam.

Their parents were tormented on the burning sand of Mecca. Mohammad s.a would  enjoin patience and would  give happy tidings of the paradise. Hadrat Ammar  R.A.  father died  after a prolonged sufferings  at the hand of kafirs and  his beloved mother Sumayya r.a  was killed by Abhu Jahl. He pierced spear in her private part of the body causing her death. Though she was very old, she refused to renounce the Islam even after great torture in the hand of enemy of Islam As mentioned  above, she was the first blessed lady of Islam who meet the martyrdom in the cause of Islam.

The first mosque in Quba(a place in Madina) was built by Ammar R.A.

After Allah’s order when Prophet s.a. emigrated to Madinah, Ammar built a structure for him where he could offer Salaat. He first collected the stones and built the masjid in Quba. He was a brave soldier of Islam; he fought again the enemies of Islam with great zeal and courage.

While he was in the thick of battle when he said with joy, “I am to meet my friend very soon; I am to meet Mohammad s.a. and his companion”. He then asked for water but he was offered some milk he took it and told, I heard the Prophet s.a. saying to me that milk will be your last drink of your this world. Then he thrown himself into the thick of enemy and fought till he met the coveted martyrdom.

When the name of reputed Sahaba of Islam is counted, hadrat  Bilal R.A. name comes among them. He was among those glittering stars of Islam who not only stood steadfast in the path of Allah but also gained the reputation of being the dear muezzin of Prophet S.a.

Hazrat Bilall  R. A is one of the best known of the bunch of Shabah as muezzin of prophet’s s.a Mosque.

Before he joined Islam, he was an Abyssinian slave who was an Idolater. His coming into the fold of Islam was obviously not liked by his disbeliever master. And he was therefore, tortured mercilessly  by Umaiya Bin khalaf who was the cruel enemy of Islam , would make him lie down on the burning sand at Mid-day day and would place a heavy stone on his chest so that he could not even move a limb.  HE would then say to  him “Renounce Islam or  swelter and die“. Even this afflictions bilal R. A  would exclaim “ Ahad- The One Allah. Ahad- The one Allah”. He was shipped at night and with the cuts thus received, made to lie on the burning ground during the day to make him  either forsake Islam or to die a lingering death from wounds. The torturers would get tired and take turns Abuzahal , umaya and others. And vie with one another in afflicting more and more painful punishment, but Hazrat bilal R.a Would not  yield.

At last Abu Bkara r.a bought his freedom and he became a free Muslim. As Islam taught implicitly the  oneness of the almighty creator. While the idolators of Mecca believed in many Gods and Goddess with minor Godling. Therefore Bilal R.a repeat “Ahad –the one , Ahad –the one”.

Its clear how  he loved Allah and how rock solid his Imaan was. Allah was so dear to him that no amount of persectucation cold distracts him from reciting his holy name. It’s said that the urchins of Mecca would drag him in the streets with  his words, “Ahad , Ahad (the one )” ringing in their wake.

Look how Allah rewarded his steadfastness. He was to have the honor of becoming the prophet’s Muezzin. He was always to remain with him  at home and abroad to  call out very hard from him to continue his stay in Medina. Where he would miss him at every step and in every corner. He there for left Medina, and decided to pass  the rest of His life  in  striving in the path of Allah.

Once he beheld the prophet, s.a.  n his dream saying to him, “O Bilal how is it that you never visit me.” No sooner did he get  the he set out for madina. On reaching there hadrat Hassan and hadrat Husain R.a. The prophet’s s.a grand sons requested him to cal out the Azzan.

He could not refuse them  for they were very dear  to him. But as soon as Azzan was called, the peoples of Madina, cried openly out of their anguish at the memory of the happy old days of the prophet s.a time. Even the women came out of their houses weeping. Hadrat Bilal left Madina again after a few days and died in Damascus in 20 A.h

From the life of Bilal R.A. It’s clear that If Allah bless with his mercy, no enemy of the world can budge him from the path of Islam.

Abû Bakr As-Siddîq أبو بكر الصدّيق 51 13 573 634
`Umar ibn al-Khattâb عمر بن الخطّاب 40 23 584 644
`Uthmân ibn Affân عثمان بن عفّان 47 35 577 656
`Alî ibn Abî Tâlib علي بن أﺑﻲ طالب 23 40 600 661
Talha ibn `Ubayd Allâh طلحة بن عبيد الله 28 36 596 656
Zubayr ibn al-Awwâm الزبير بن العوّام 28 36 596 656
`Abdur Rahman ibn `Awf عبد الرحمن بن عوف ? 31 ? 654
Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqâs سعد بن أبي وقّاص 23 55 594 674
Abû `Ubayda ibn al-Jarrâh أبو عبيدة بن الجراح 40 18 584 640
Sa`îd ibn Zayd سعيد بن زيد ? 51 594 673
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