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Radical members of the Muslim Brotherhood have started ‘crucifying opponents of newly installed President Mohammed Morsi,’ claimed unconfirmed media reports.
‘During a recent rampage, Muslim Brotherhood operatives crucified those opposing Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi naked on trees in front of the presidential palace while abusing others,’ reported WMD , quoting Middle East media.
Raymond Ibrahim, a fellow with the Middle East Forum and the Investigative Project on Terrorism, told the website ‘the crucifixions are the product of who the Middle Eastern media call partisans.’
The Algemeiner backed up the claims and said that several news outlets including Arab News, Al Khabar News, Dostor Watany, and Egypt Now reported that people were being ‘crucified.’
They said the Muslim Brotherhood supporters were specifically targeting ‘secular media.’
A media crackdown in the first month of Mohamed Mursi’s rule has raised fears Egypt’s Islamist president is moving to stifle criticism of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This week, formal accusations by state prosecutors were filed against two journalists, while an issue of the newspaper al-Dostour was confiscated by the state’s censorship unit – disappointing those who believed last year’s overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak would lead to greater media freedom.

Mursi, who resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood when he was elected in June, saying he wanted to represent all Egyptians, has also named Salah Abdel Maqsood, a former colleague from the Islamist group, as information minister.
‘The Brotherhood’s recent actions against the media are harsh and unacceptable and tell us that we are going backwards and that things are managed the same way they were during Mubarak’s time,’ said rights activist Gamal Eid.
The crackdown on media is also worrying the United States, which for years has secured the loyalty of one of the Arab world’s most influential states with substantial financial aid, now running at about $1.55 billion a year.
State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on Thursday that Washington was ‘concerned by reports that the Egyptian government is moving to restrict media freedom and criticism in Egypt.’

The Brotherhood has repeatedly denied any intention to censor opinion, saying it wants only to stop media reports which might incite violence or unrest, or which personally insult the president.

‘Those who filed the complaints against the journalists with the public prosecutor are not all from the Brotherhood.
‘There were also ordinary people upset about the disgusting insults that some media have been publicising,’ said Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan.
One of the two charged journalists is Islam Afifi, the editor of the daily al-Dostour newspaper, whose Aug. 11 issue was confiscated. Afifi was sent to a criminal court after the state’s public prosecutor charged him with insulting Mursi and inciting the overthrow of Egypt’s ruling system.
The other one is Tawfiq Okasha, owner and the main host of an Egyptian television channel called Al-Faraeen who was also sent to a criminal court on accusations of inciting people to kill Mursi and insulting him.

The prosecutor ordered the channel be taken off air.
Al-Faraeen TV channel is privately owned by Okasha, a strong opponent of Mursi and Islamists. Okasha had previously said in one of his talkshows that Mursi and his group ‘deserve to get killed’.
A Brotherhood lawyer also filed a complaint on Wednesday with a state prosecutor, accusing three prominent editors of Egyptian dailies including Afifi of insulting Mursi.
‘I accused them of insulting the president and spreading false information that could destroy the state and create panic among the people,’ lawyer Ismail al-Washahy told Reuters. ‘Most of what they published had nothing to do with media but were pure insults with no proof,’ he added.


SOURCE: mail online

It started “in the far reaches of the Internet and the mutterings of the political right, then in increasingly mainstream and mass-market venues” and has since entered “the central corridors of European and American politics.”

So writes Doug Saunders in The Myth of the Muslim Tide (Alfred Knopf Canada), to be released next week. He is the European bureau chief of the Globe and Mail, and author of the much-acclaimed Arrival City (about the sprawling slums of Mumbai, Rio, London, Paris, Chongqing, Los Angeles, etc. — the first stop in the mass migration of millions from rural to urban areas).

Saunders was living in the U.S. during the Sept. 11 attacks and in London during the July 7, 2005, subway bombing. He has reported extensively on the war on terror and on Islamophobia in Europe.

There, conspiracy theories about an Arab/Muslim takeover of the continent — “Eurabia” — helped propel far-right political parties to prominence.

In the U.S., anti-Muslim bigotry has reached such alarming levels that four of the leading Republican presidential candidates went mostly unchallenged as they spread patently false notions about Muslims and Islam, often at the behest of their rich Islamophobic funders.

Saunders tackles and counters several myths:• Muslims are breeding like rats.

In 2010, the Muslim population of the European Union plus non-members Switzerland and Norway was 18.2 million, or 4.5 per cent. By 2030, it would be 29.8 million — 7.1 per cent. By 2050, it would reach 10 per cent. That’s according to three authoritative studies.

In 2010, the American Muslim population was estimated at 2.6 million. By 2030, it would be 6.2 million, or 1.7 per cent — as numerous as Jews and Episcopalians.

But facts don’t seem to matter. A YouTube video “Muslim Demographics” has been watched by 13 million people, even though “every one of its claims is untrue.”

• Islamic belief equals high birth rates.

“There is no tie between Islamic beliefs and fertility rates,” even if five of the 10 most fertile countries are Muslim-majority nations.

“Muslim countries are undergoing one of the fastest rates of fertility decline in history . . . and are converging with those of Europe.”

Iranian average family size has fallen to 1.7 children, a lower rate than in Britain or France. Indonesia’s is down to 2.19, Turkey’s to 2.15, Tunisia’s to 2.04, the UAE’s to 1.9, Lebanon’s to 1.86, and Bosnian Muslims’ to 1.23. • A majority of immigrants are and will be Muslims.

“If the West is being overwhelmed at all, it is not by Muslims.”

Spain, close to the Arab world, gets a majority of its immigrants from Romania or from the other side of the Atlantic. In Britain, only 28 per cent of immigrants are Muslim. “If a religious group is taking over in the U.K., it is Catholics.” In Germany, fewer than 15 per cent of immigrants are Muslim. A far larger group comes from Eastern Europe.

Only in France are Muslims the largest immigrant group, mainly because many were French citizens a generation ago, when Algeria and Tunisia were French territories.

Belgium, Netherlands and Scandinavia are attracting waves of Poles, Romanians and Russians.

• Muslim immigrants live apart and in ghettoes.

Some impoverished ones do, especially in Europe. But that’s a function of economics. They are paying “an ethnic and a religious penalty in the labour market,” according to a study of 11 European cities by the Open Society Institute.

Their case is no different than that of those from, say, the Caribbean (mostly Christian) or Suriname (mainly Christians and Hindus).

In Canada, too, studies show that “skin colour, not religion, affected the ability to integrate and that Muslims are no less (and sometimes slightly more) able to integrate economically and socially than other people of the same race.”

Measured by rates of employment, home ownership and naturalization, one study shows the “assimilation index” of Canadian Muslims as “the highest — 77 out of a possible 100. The U.S. came close with a score in the 60s but Muslims in Europe lagged far behind.”

Muslims are not loyal to host countries.

On the contrary, Muslims are more committed. Polls show that British and French Muslims, for example, express stronger attachment to Britain and France than other citizens.

• Muslim immigrants are angry.

In fact, Muslims are among the least disenchanted and most satisfied people in the West, according to several polls.

•  Muslim immigrants want to impose sharia.

Rather, it is a majority of American Christians who want laws to be based on the Ten Commandments. The few Muslims who do use sharia, especially in Britain and the U.S., do so for religious arbitration in personal and business matters, just as Christians and Jews do.

• Islam breeds terrorism.

In fact, terrorists tend to be non-faithful individuals (many using drugs, alcohol and prostitutes), who are drawn to radical peer groups for political or personal but not religious reasons, according to the British intelligence agency M15. Very few have been raised in religious households.

There is indeed evidence that a well-established religious identity actually protects against violent radicalization.

In summing up, Saunders says that these and other claims are “demonstrably untrue. The Muslim-tide hypothesis on the whole has no merit . . . The idea of a stealth takeover by Islamic believers is a delusion.”

What’s being said about Muslims is what was once said about Catholics and Jews in the 19th and early part of the 20th century. Both groups were also accused of being religiously motivated aliens incapable of integration and hell-bent on changing society.

“We have forgotten how alarming the waves of Roman Catholic and Jewish immigrants from the fringes of Europe appeared to North Americans and Western Europeans only a few decades ago.

“Their home countries seemed less democratic, less economically free, and more prone to religious law and political extremism. Right up through the early 1950s, it was commonplace for thinkers across the political spectrum to argue that Catholic immigrants were driven by the dictates of their faith to promote fascism, violence and religious extremism, and therefore could not be assimilated into non-Catholic cultures.

“By the end of the 20th century, though, most people had forgotten about their earlier fears of religious minorities . . .

“Muslim immigrants are no more ‘different’ and no more threatening than earlier larger waves of religious minorities who contribute to the current populations of most Western countries.”

Yet we cannot be complacent. The stakes are high. The Muslim-tide beliefs have already become the founding myth behind several alarming political movements and the cause of one notable act of terrorism” — perhaps two, Norway’s Anders Breivik last year and American Wade Michael Page this month, who may have mistaken Sikhs for Muslims.


BRISTOL Pakistanis face an extra challenge if they are to defeat St Mary Redcliffe in Sunday’s final of the Bateman Trophy at Cleeve (11am).

The great majority of Mohammad Akbar Butt’s team are observing the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and that means abstaining from eating and drinking during daylight hours.

With Ramadan this year falling in the middle of the British summer, the predawn meal, or suhoor, takes place at around 3.40am with the sunset meal, known as iftar, set for around 9.10pm.

Mohammad said that his side would not be too affected by fasting. He said: “It’s only a 20-over match, and therefore much shorter than a 45-over league game when you can get tired and you do feel it a bit.

“There’s a spiritual strength you can get during Ramadan. And according to a religious point of view, fasting is more important than playing cricket.”

It was certainly a challenge to secure an 18-run quarter-final victory at Old Down on a Wednesday evening, soon after Ramadan commenced.

And Bristol Pakistanis also had to show plenty of concentration to win their semi-final, overcoming Woodpeckers in a bowl-out after wet weather twice foiled efforts to complete the game in the customary manner.

Mohammad is the only survivor from the Bristol Pakistanis team that last reached the competition final, losing to the now defunct Hanham Mount in 1997. And the 48-year-old would swap his man-of-the-match award from that day to secure victory this time round over a Redcliffe team that have punched above their weight to reach the final for the first time in their history.

In the cup, meanwhile, Brislington make another attempt on Sunday (11am) to complete their semi-final against Thornbury.

The winners will face Bristol in a final at Cleeve which has been pushed back a week, to Sunday August 19, because of Bristol’s involvement in the ECB National Club t20.

Clubs will try again on Sunday at Usk to complete the South West area finals which were last week rained out.

Bristol take on Sully Centurions at 10.30am with Bovey Tracey and St Just meeting at 1.30pm. The two winning teams will then play-off at around 4.30pm for the right to progress.

Weather permitting, two Gloucestershire Cup ties are scheduled for Sunday. Stapleton travel to Gloucester club Woodpeckers, while Cheltenham host Knowle after rain washed out any prospect of play last weekend.

Sunday is also a busy day for the North Somerset’s two knock-out competitions. In the Butcombe Cup semi-finals, Keynsham host Mells. And in the Shield semi-finals, Lansdown will try again to complete their clash with Bitton which was hit by the weather last weekend .

SOURCE: Britstol

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