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Simmering Rebellion in Saudi Arabia

Throughout Islamic history, Shias, beginning with their Imams have either been short changed as in the case of Ali or badly treated by Sunni Muslims, as can be seen even today. Shia Islam attracted mostly the poorest and downtrodden among followers of Prophet Mohamed and till the Khomeini led Iranian revolution in 1979 , they had so remained, poor and downtrodden. But since then they feel a sense of pride and have been helped by Iran, as in Lebanon, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, and other states where they remain mostly under constraints.

In Iraq, US led illegal invasion achieved just the reverse outcome and Shias (60%) replaced the Sunni minority ruling elite in place since Ottoman days. In Turkey, Alevis and other Shias form over 15% of the population, with a large percentage of Turks from central Asian descent being Alevis, who have been badly treated even under secular regimes before the Islamist AKP came into power in 2002 with massive financial assistance from Saudi Arabia and ideological inspiration .

Earlier London and now Washington like other imperial powers have exploited the Shia-Sunni schism /division, literally in place since the death of Prophet Mohamed. This is now in full manifestation in Middle East with US-NATO-Turkey, Qatar and Saudis providing almost open support against Alawite Shia minority dominated ruling elite in Syria. But majority Shia protests for reforms in Bahrain against Sunni minority ruler are being suppressed.

The primary axis which has dominated and exploited the energy and other resources in West and South West Asia has been provided by USA, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan since the end of WWII, The full axis is US/UK/Israel-Saudi dynasty/Wahabis –Pak Military/ISI . In the current standoff over Syria, Pakistan is lurking in the background to assist Saudis in case–.

With battles , almost a civil war and resistance now gutting Syria as that which had earlier destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq to promote US led Western interests along with that of their conservative and obscurantist allies in the region, Riyadh which controls the OIC organized a sudden summit in Mecca during Ramadan , a time in Muslim Calendar ,when differences must be put aside , it was felt that there might be an attempt at reconciliation over Syria , since Iran Prez Ahmadinejad had accepted the invitation .But apparently it seems that it was not so . It was done to single out Syria, embarrassing Ahmadinejad and Tehran.

Perhaps the Mecca summit was organized to dilute and side step the results of the end August NAM summit in Tehran, where the chairmanship will be taken over by Iran .Majority of the NAM nations are likely to support Iran on the nuclear question being used by the US led West to browbeat Tehran and the five nuclear armed UNSC members bullying the rest of the humanity .The summit will be an important indicator of what the international community stands for ( for Washington it mostly means US-UK and now Socialist France and a few willing and unwilling partners .)
This what Brazilian journalist Pepe Escobar, has to say about the OIC meeting in Mecca

All (war) roads lead to Mecca
Pepe Escobar ATimes 16

This was undoubtedly BIG. Everyone and his neighbor were there. The Emir of Qatar, President Morsi from Egypt, President Gul from Turkey, Palestinian Authority’s Mahmud Abbas, Hamid Karzai The Afghan, Prime Minister Zardari from Pakistan, Marzouki the new Tunisian leader, King Abdullah from Jordan, Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad himself. All 57 member-states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – representing no fewer than 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide.

Arab News couldn’t resist waxing poetically . What about …

“In Makkah, last night the Holy Kaaba and the Grand Mosque was bathed in bright lights. The giant Clock Tower glowed in green lights on a clear, moonless night. As the muezzin’s heart-warming voice reverberated in the mountainous city at Isha, the world’s leaders, sitting in the Al-Safa Palace next to the Grand Mosque, repeated Allah-o-Akbar after him.”

Allah Akbar indeed – and then straight to the business in which these “leaders” excel; squabbling among themselves – and suspending Syria from the OIC. So much for the idea sponsored by “the Islamic world’s respected leader, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah” of how to “unify and strengthen the crisis-riven Muslim world”.

Kaveh Afrasiabi has argued Tehran may have fallen into a trap; they were expecting a real effort of mediation and political dialogue instead of the meeting’s priority – to suspend and eventually expel their ally Syria (See Saudis use summit to isolate Syria, Iran , Asia Times Online, and August 15, 2012).

Behind all the syrupy shenanigans, the fact is the House of Saud and Tehran didn’t – and couldn’t – possibly agree on anything; this was more like a “let’s keep talking” – the Mecca version of the good old’ US-USSR red telephone. The “Custodian” called for “solidarity, tolerance and moderation”; hard to see any of this as the House of Saud – and Qatar – weaponries runaway gangs and an array of beheading-happy Salafi-jihadis in Syria.

The OIC as a whole defended Syria’s “unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity”, exactly as the House of Saud and Qatar are doing all they can to undermine all of the above. Here’s the OIC as an extension of the Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council (other GCC members being Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and United Arab Emirates). Quite a few countries – from Southeast Asia to Africa – are very uncomfortable with the whole thing, but in the end deferred to the “Custodian”.

The “Custodian” also wants to set up a “center for dialogue” in Riyadh. The verdict is open whether this center will examine who’s really responsible for what is now practically all-out war between Sunnis and Shi’ites all across the Ummah. Imagine a center like this coming to the conclusion that the protests in Bahrain were legitimate; as legitimate as the protests in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. And as legitimate as what happened last year in Cairo’s Tahrir Square (everyone remembers the House of Saud’s sheer horror at its ally Hosni Mubarak being defied by scores of young urbanites).
The “Custodian” also said, “The Islamic nation is living in a state of sedition and disunity that led to bloodshed of its people in this holy month in many parts of our Islamic world.”

On sedition – fitna, in Arabic – it’s unthinkable the “Custodian” and his pampered House of Saud princes are not familiar with the Yinon plan and countless others, whose divide-and-rule basis is exactly to incite a never-ending Sunni-Shi’ite war, with a cast of subdivisions including Muslims against Christians, Arabs against Persians, Turks against Persians, Arabs against Turks and, why not, Kurds against Turks.

That’s exactly what is happening as the major – intended or unintended – blowback of Syria’s proxy war. —

This farce, anyway, is far from over. Up next; Tehran has invited the “Custodian” for the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit later this month. Let’s see whether the House of Saud, the GCC and Iran are really interested in ending fitna way beyond a photo-op. There’s still no evidence the “leaders” of 1.5 billion Muslims will EVER get their act together. Not even Allah himself would make them see the light. “

Below are two articles from Asia times on the resistance /rebellion in Saudi Kingdom , caught in a feudal time warp monarchy/4000 strong Saudi Princes Corporacy with medieval laws and practices,
How long will it continue to mislead Muslims , funding Qurans ,Madarsas, mosques and Jihadis and terrorists all over the world , keeping Muslims backwards and hence under its sway to control Muslim resources being looted by US and the west .

It is essential to learn about the situation inside Saudi Arabia, since it’s a very important political actor in the region and the world.


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  • Hey there from across the ocean! This is just what I was hunting for, and you did it well. Thankyou

    Comment by anxiety — August 21, 2012 @ 10:27 pm

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