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Author: Shazia Jilani

Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA) belonged to the tribe of Banu Daws, which was located in Yemen, on the coast of Red Sea. His original name was Abd ul-Shams that changed to Abd ul-Rehman by Holy Prophet (PBUH) but he is commonly known as Abu Hurairah due to a cat, which he had in his childhood. He embraced Islam through the chief of his tribe but it was not until 629 AD when he joined with Holy Prophet (PBUH) and moved to Medina.

A common Muslim is familiar with the name of Abu Hurairah (RA) because it came in the references of most ahadis. He is one of the key narrators of ahadis from the era of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). According to an estimate, he narrated more than five thousand ahadis, which we can easily find in authentic books such as Sahih Al-Bukhari or Sahih Al-Muslim. Many scholars wrote that Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA) lived a simple and humble life. He is one of the trustworthy narrators of ahadis.

This is also a fact that Abu Hurairah’s narrations did not gain confidence among some maslaks because he favored Muawiah in place of Hazrat Ali (RA). Other than this disagreement, nobody can deny his work for the preservation of ahadis and his closeness to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Once Abu Hurairah (RA) came to Holy Prophet, crying because his mother was refusing to accept Islam and he was very worried. At that occasion, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) himself prayed to Allah. Allah guided his mother to the right path. There can be no question on the luck of those for whom Holy Prophet (PBUH) have prayed.

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