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KUALA TERENGGANU, Jan 1 (Bernama) — A nine- kilometre boat ride lasting 40 minutes provided by the River Cruise Service along the Terengganu river has now become a new attraction for visitors at the Islamic Civilisation Park (TTI) here.

TTI sales and marketing manager Nor Sabihah Fidri said everyday about 400 tourists visited the park to experience the joy of riding in several boats that had been made available for them at the park.

“We receive visitors to go for between seven and eight trips a day along the river,” she told reporters in conjunction with a quiz programme orgnaised by the TTI-Terenganu FM radio service here Saturday.

The quiz contest held in collaboration with the radio station started on Dec 1 last year and will end on Jan 31.

It touches on TTI the radio station and tourism in Terengganu.

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