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Muharum is the first month of the Islamic calendar. Unlike the Gregorian calendar, the Islamic calendar depends on the moon, not on the sun. This month is one of the four, most sacred months.  This day has quite some significance to it.

There are many who increase the difference between the sects of Sunni and Shia Muslims by saying that Sunni’s celebrate while Shia’s grief on this day. It is true that Prophet Musa won over Pharaoh of Egypt on this date, but still Sunni pass this day with silence as the death of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) affects them as well.

The battle of Karbala occurred on the 10th of Muharum, it is also called as the ashura. The battle started after Morning Prayer. Hazrat Imam Husain, son of Hazrat Ali (R.A), organized his companions of 72 men into army flanks. This army had 40 on foot soldiers and 32 equestrians. On the battlefield, prior to the war, Hazrat Imam Husain asked to the people around to join in and protect the family of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Hurr ibn Yazid-Al-Riyahi joined in Husain’s army and Umar ibn Sa’ad replaced his rank as the chief commander.

Umar ibn Sa’ad was the first person, who shot the arrow at Husain’s army. The battle continued until each and every one of the men was martyred. The martyr of Abbas ibn Ali was one of the most important ones. He managed to fill up water in skin and was on the way back to the camps. This was when Umar ibn Sa’ad ordered an army to stop him. First the right arm got cut off, then his left arm. At this point, he was holding the skin by his mouth but one of the arrows pierced the skin and water pour out. He was martyred when he tried to charge back even in such a condition.

The martyr of Husain ibn Ali leads the Muslim community still to grieve on what happened that day. His grace was such that even though he was immobile during the battle, the enemies feared to approach him. The person, who approached, to behead Hazrat Husain, was shocked to hear that Hazrat Husain asked about his prayers.

The obsession to rule over others can make people do terrible things. A great example of this obsession can be found in the history of Muslims. The battle of Karbala was such a tragic incident that, Muslims still feel the grief of the loss. While concerned with the grieving people usually are pointing towards the shia’s. However, Muslims of every sect feel the sorrow and maintain silence for the first ten days of the month of Muharram, and especially on the ninth and 10th of Muharram.

Yazeed wanted to rule, and was altering with the very foundations of Islam. Hazrat Imam Husain was a man of peace and could not go along with such actions. Despite this he agreed to take a trip out to the hostile land, only by believing their invitation for peace to be true. This was a trap set by yazeed. On the plain of Karbala, Yazeed asked them to either fight or agree with him. Despite the fact that Hazrat Imam only had his family and friends along, he refused. And thus, a great army broke upon only 72 men in which 40 were foot soldiers and 32 were on horses.

After the battle the women and children were abused, tortured and tormented. Even the bodies of the martyred were abused and the prisoners were forced to watch the mutilation. The locals started to sympathize and pay frequent visits to the prisoners. Hazrat Zainab was the sister of Hazrat Imam Husain. She used these visits to make the people be aware of what truly happened at Karbala. Even while she was being abused in the markets and streets of sham, she still told people about what happened there. At the end yazeed, out of fear of retaliation, ordered the release of the prisoners. Later the truth was told and revealed to everyone by Hazrat Zainab and other released prisoners.

10 Muharram is the day in the history that is very important in the history of Islam because on that day the battle between Hazrat Imam Husain (Grandson of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W).) and the yazeede army was fought. The Muslims traveled a lot of distance to reach Koofa because the people of Koofa were asking Hazrat Imam Husain for the protest against cruel king yazeed. They came there but people of Koofa left them alone in the battle field. There were very difficult conditions to live in.

The place where this battle was fought is known as Karbala; this is a vast desert and had very difficult conditions. Moreover the yazeede army cut off the supply of water on them, this added more to their difficulties. After that, soon they run short of water and their small children were dying to thrust. On the day of Ashura, the youngest Muslim who was martyred was of only 6 months of age.

An important fact in the day of Ashura is that the Muslims did not bend their knees in front of cruel ruler rather than they preferred to die for ALLAH. They were very small army and they had no weapons but yet they fought having firm believed in ALLAH. They did not turn their backs in difficulties though they had many of them because on the day of fight they were thirsty of many days. They are true men of Muslims very brave and strong. Also their ladies, the mothers of Muslims, played very important role in that incident. They sent out their husbands, brothers, fathers and their sons to die for ALLAH. The ladies speak very bravely in front of the cruel king although their men were killed but still they did not frighten. These facts are very much enough for a Muslim to feel proud because a Muslim knows that martyred never dies rather they get their needing from ALLAH.

The first month of the Islamic calendar and which is an important one is Muharram. And in this month the day which has the most importance is 10th of Muharram which is called Ashura. The day is remembered as this is the day of martyrdom of Husain ibn Ali (Hazrat Imam Husain) who is the grandson of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). This day is remembered in the Islamic history because the people who were martyred on that day of Muharram 10 are very important personalities for the Muslims and Muslims love them even more than their lives. This was a battle between Muslims and the yazeede army. The Muslims were very small in numbers and they had a very small luggage. The Muslims had to face many difficulties in the battlefield because they had a little to eat. Moreover, the yazeede army cut of the supply of water on them. There were not easy conditions to live in Karbala, this is known as a vast desert and have very thirsty conditions. The little Muslim’s children were begging for water but they did not take pity on them, rather than they started to kill the innocent Muslims. On the day of battle which is also called Ashura the Muslims were only eighty in numbers and they were facing the dry desert and thirst from many days and army of their opponents were very large in number and were fully equipped. But the best thing is that Muslims did not turn their backs and fought so efficiently that it had no example in the history and never will be. Even no one can believe that such a small army can fight for such a long time. They died for Islam and will be remembered till the end of times i.e., the Day of Justice.

There are total four months, in the Islamic calendar which have great religious importance; Muharram, Rajab, Ramadan and Zill Haj. Among these months, Ramadan holds the most significance. Muslims fast, on daily basis in this month. In all of these months, violence of any sort is forbidden. These months are important, as Allah Himself has named these months out.

There is a certain reason why each of these months are said to be significant. As far as Muharram is concerned, well too many incidents have happened in this month to give it such great level. Hazrat Musa, won from the Pharaoh in this month, Hazrat Imam and his companions got martyred in this month. There are misconceptions that Sunni Muslims are joyous in the month over the victory of Hazrat Musa. However, the fact is that Sunni Muslims are just as much sorrow for the martyr of the grandson of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

The 10th of Muharram reminds Muslims how devoted to their believes should be. Yazeed made an offer to Hazrat Iman Husain, while an army surrounded him and his companions. Yazeed said that he would allow Hazrat Imam Husain (AS) and his companion to live if he sided with him. However, Hazrat Imam Husain (AS), were a true preacher of Islam and refused the offer, fully knowing that 72 men would not be able to stand against an army. This teaches Muslims many lessons, including devotion, sacrifice. It also teaches a Muslim that no matter how grave the situation might be, siding with the sayings of Allah should be the primary priority of every Muslim.

All of these and many other feelings get stirred up in the mind of a Muslim on the 10th of Muharram. This day reminds the strayed Muslims about the teachings of Islam.

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