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The first month of the Islamic calendar and which is an important one is Muharram. And in this month the day which has the most importance is 10th of Muharram which is called Ashura. The day is remembered as this is the day of martyrdom of Husain ibn Ali (Hazrat Imam Husain) who is the grandson of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). This day is remembered in the Islamic history because the people who were martyred on that day of Muharram 10 are very important personalities for the Muslims and Muslims love them even more than their lives. This was a battle between Muslims and the yazeede army. The Muslims were very small in numbers and they had a very small luggage. The Muslims had to face many difficulties in the battlefield because they had a little to eat. Moreover, the yazeede army cut of the supply of water on them. There were not easy conditions to live in Karbala, this is known as a vast desert and have very thirsty conditions. The little Muslim’s children were begging for water but they did not take pity on them, rather than they started to kill the innocent Muslims. On the day of battle which is also called Ashura the Muslims were only eighty in numbers and they were facing the dry desert and thirst from many days and army of their opponents were very large in number and were fully equipped. But the best thing is that Muslims did not turn their backs and fought so efficiently that it had no example in the history and never will be. Even no one can believe that such a small army can fight for such a long time. They died for Islam and will be remembered till the end of times i.e., the Day of Justice.

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Islamic Wallpapers
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