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Marriage is that relationship between man and woman that consists of love and understanding.
Male is incomplete without a female. They cannot live together until they are married according
to the laws of Islam. Allah states in Quran:” and since He created the male and the female from
a single nature, from a single self.”[Quran] Marriage completes a male and a female and it gives
them the right to have a family. Nikkah is the ritual in which the bride and the groom are bonded
for life in the presence of family members, relatives, friends and witnesses.

Marriage according to Islamic Shari‘ah is the only way in which marriage can be done is
Islam. Islam has laid down laws for both the bride and the groom. The marriage should be kept
as simple as possible so that not much load is laid on both parties and the wedding rituals can be
performed in a happy manner. Dowry constitutes of some the very fundamental household items
given by the bride’s parents to their daughter when she departs for the groom’s house. Dowry
must consist of a very few necessary things as it does not mean to put a lot of pressure on the
bride’s parents so that they might have to take loans to buy the items given in the dowry.

Allah has provided the Muslims with code of life in form of religion and the last prophet of Islam
Mohammad (Peace be upon him) has set many examples for the Muslims to follow and have
blessed lives. However, those who fail to understand simple codes provided by Islam written
in Quran and epitomized by last prophet of Islam often fall into devastating situations and
problematic life. The main concept behind marriage in Islam is to prevent adultery and provide
the society a set of rules to abide by them in order to keep the sanctity and peace. Following
these beautiful simple and understandable concepts can be the reason to bring balance in the
society. Marriage is an institution and by following the Islamic shari`ah Muslims in all parts of
the world can bring harmony and amity in their lives.


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