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Author: Shazia Jilani

Bilal ibn Rabah who is commonly known as Hazrat Bilal al-Habshi was among those people who accepted Islam in the early stages. He basically belonged to the area of Habash, nowadays known as Ethiopia. Being a slave of Umayyah ibn Khalaf who was indeed a cruel man, Hazrat Bilal’s life was very difficult. His heart was pure so when Holy Prophet (PBUH) starts preaching Islam openly, His teachings inspired Bilal (RA) and he accepted Islam. This was a clear proof that Islam actually provides a scenario in which every person could live in equality.

Accepting Islam does not bring pleasures in the life of Hazrat Bilal (RA), on the contrary the situation was worse for him because he was a slave till that time. Umayyah punished him cruelly to divert from the right path. Umayyah used to tie Bilal (RA) with ropes and drag him on the hot surface, put heavy stones on his chest and cover him with cow hide. In spite of all torture, Hazrat Bilal (RA) stood firm on his faith and keep calling “Ahad, Ahad” which meant “There is no God but Allah”.

He migrated to Yasrab (Medina) and was greatly respected under the new regime of Islam. He was selected as the first Moazan (A person who call Azan) of Islam because of his marvelous voice. Bilal (RA) proved as an asset to Islam because he emerged as a good scholar and fought many battles. It is said that he stopped calling Azan after the death of Holy Prophet (PBUH) because of grief. He was the practical example of Islamic teachings without any doubt.

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