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Hijab is covering of face and the reason for which it is important is the protection of women from unwanted stares and it helps keeping many social evils in check – evils like adultery and devaluation of family system. Hijab and related matters are one of the most controversial topics in Pakistani society and in generally in Islamic society. The status of hijab and the standard method of taking hijab are both very contested among Muslims generally. When it comes to hijab, there is never an agreement and this disagreement is owing to a few reasons:

  • Muslim sectarianism
  • Muslims’ segregation over religious beliefs
  • Lack of ijtehad and modern interpretation of Islamic concepts
  • Inability of Muslims to accept the changing nature of religion
  • Lack of proper integration of Islamic studies in the education systems

The disagreement generally is over How to wear hijab and how much of the body and face is to be covered according to Islamic shariah. According to some sources hijab is not compulsory at all in Islam and is only optional and what is compulsory for a woman is, to cover her body well so that it does not attract attention of men of the society (Na-mehrems-Those who are not related through blood).

Other concept is that Hijab is obligatory and central concept of Islam and the proponents of this school give the references of Quranic verses in which Allah orders women to cover their faces/heads(the matter that whether it s faces or heads is still controversial).

Those who argue that hijab or covering the face is not obligatory believe that the modern age and hijab are not compatible and that the universality of Islamic concepts demands new interpretations of the laws that were given in 8th century. Whereas, the others would argue in return and n retaliation that it is a universal religion and it does not need new interpretations. The laws are applicable in all times.

Islamic Wallpapers
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