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Islam and media are both living in a symbiotic relationship i.e. living off each other. In the recent times, talk shows and news bulletins are flashing with news against Muslims, showing Muslims as terrorists, showing how undemocratic they are naturally and religiously. On the other side of the story are the executives of Islamic laws – maulvis and religious leaders. They spend all their precious time criticizing media and stopping people from not listening to what they say on T.V sitting right there in a TV program. That is ironical. They are both being criticized vehemently by on another but it often leads one to think about their survival if one party is eliminated.

There is another aspect to their relationship. Because of the lawlessness and insecurity in the world, many people are returning to religion and this trend is very potent and is dually manipulated by both Islamic leaders and media. Islamic maulvis would use media for preaching and stuff so we see huge amount of TV channels with Islamic transmissions and because people are demanding this, Media would exploit these sentiments and hundreds of Islamic programs would go on air. Now this again is ironic, on one hand they are dying to get rid of each other and on the other, they are using one another.

This leads one to think why it is so necessary to show such contentment towards each other. Just live and let live but when considered deeply it is the fake contention that is keeping the whole thing going otherwise it is a full stop.

It is amazing that when both could be useful for each other they choose to take the hostile path. Islam can be peacefully promoted through media, media can be left alone by maulvis, and that would erase so many conceptual errors in the Islamic teachings that are being promoted by them.

Islamic Wallpapers
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