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There is so much more we have yet to learn and see. Scientific discoveries yet have to go far to know fully the anatomy of human body, various functions of human organs, brain and especially, king of organs, the heart. Quran focuses on the heart. Change of thoughts and transformation is only dependent on the person and heart plays an important role in it. It is only the heart that can accept or reject anything but not the brain. Your brain tells you about anything based on your experience cultivated by your five senses. Your eyes, ears, hands and so on can guide the brain but not the heart. The function of heart, known as qalb in Sufi circles, is to warn the brain whenever it is misguided. The heart can change the things, matters and situations with the right decision. Any rightful decision taken by the heart is based on its connection with the Supreme and Almighty Allah, Subhana Wa Tallah. So, illumination of heart is a must and dependent on the training of heart with the help and blessings of Allah in form of guidance by a wise teacher, mentor, murshid and so on.

Words remain ineffective and only words if not said from the heart. Strength of character, appreciation of Allah Almighty and awareness of self or self-realization is all so much reliant upon the qalb or heart. Many Sufi poets have said so much about the binding of heart with the Divine Source and stressed upon never breaking anyone’s heart, as it is abode of The Creator of all. Sufis are those creatures who never can hurt fellow human beings other species for their own benefit and sick fun. For those who are following any sort of Sufi order, the focusing on the heart plays an important role. The disciple or mureed are taught and have to go through tough practices to understand the algorithms of heart. Sufis are those individuals carrying beautiful heart that teaches other to control and provide guidance for their successful, satisfied life here and hereafter.

Islamic Wallpapers
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