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Filed under: Muslim Women World — admin     3:50 pm November 26, 2010

Muslim woman are also participating with their male counterparts to
make the way of life better. For this purpose, they face pressure in
home and office as well.

Pregnancy & Maternity Leave
When a woman is pregnant, she goes through many emotional and
hormonal changes. She feels fatigued and tired. For the sake of the
family, the baby and the office she has to remain focused. In many
offices woman are not given maternity leave and they have to show
up in their offices at respective time.

Leaving the child on mercy of childminders
Muslim woman have a very close connection with their newborns
and toddlers. Sometimes they have to leave kids with inexperience
childminders. They do not take care of the kids. The Muslim woman
does not enjoy her work. She often gets pressure from in-laws and
husband to leave her job. As a reality Muslim woman, do not work
by her own choice. Usually the circumstances occur like that, she
feels compelled to work and her contribution in running the home
makes a lot of difference. There are many women, who are facing
such challenges.

Poverty, illiteracy and Fanaticism
Muslim women are lawyers, judges, teachers, hold positions in the
political parties and running NGOs or other organizations but they
have same problems faced by any other women belonging to other
religions in the world. Women are generally become the victim of
work place harassment and often they have to suffer humiliation.
Muslim women are no exception as they also are facing same
consequences and poor situations like their sisters of other ethnicity
and religion.

Almost everywhere, women are facing the injustice, male
chauvinism, dominance but Muslim women are among the biggest
sufferers. They are discouraged, underprivileged due to the thinking
of fundamentalists and so-called religious personalities, political
leaders, and last but not the least, poverty.

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