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Quraan on one side of my heart Sunnah on the otherI can't function without eitherEemaan pumping around my body keeping me active and aliveQuraan on one side of my heart Sunnah on the otherMy brain wor...Read More
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‘There’s danger ...  25-04-12
Former Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed who was in New Delhi for the last fiv...
Jonathon Quilliam and other ... 
On a bleak wet and windy day in Liverpool the old Georgian whitestoned building...
मुसलमानों ... 
. . ...
Kingdom’s medical ...  24-04-12
International speakers at the First Saudi International Medical Conference (SIME...
Recognition for KAU Qur’an ... 
Jeddah Gov. Prince Mishaal bin Majed will honor winners of the ongoing Holy Qura...
सलमान ... 
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American Muslim News
  • Missouri jail to allow hijab for Muslim women, officials accommodate religious needs
  • TLC Reality Show to Follow the Lives of Muslim Families
  • Op-Ed: Documentary on Muslim School Promotes UnderstandingOp-Ed: Documentary on Muslim School Promotes UnderstandingOp-Ed: Documentary on Muslim School Promotes UnderstandingOp-Ed: Documentary on Muslim School Promotes UnderstandingOp-Ed: Documentary on Muslim School Promotes Understanding
  • Religious Leaders March Against Vandalism at Calif. Mosque
  • The Anti-Islam Movement in America
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  • Amnesty report particularly critical of hijab-ban countries
UK Muslim News
  • Jonathon Quilliam and other members of his family had travelled to Liverpool from Stafford. “I think I’m related through my dad’s side. It’s very interesting to know that someone from the Isle of Man originally, where we still have relatives, and then from Liverpool, was responsible for the rise of Islam in this country, absolutely fascinating.” Some of the British Muslims attending the lecture were impressed by Quilliam’s courage and strength of purpose. Mohammed Afzal, who is in his late 20s, said: “It’s important because a lot of stigma is attached to Islam, but Quilliam spoke out about it openly even though it was against the status quo.” Shaheena Anjum said: “In this day and age, people find things difficult, but he came from a Christian, Methodist background. “I think what he did required a lot of determination and courage.
  • University where 20% of students are Muslim considers alcohol-free zones
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