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It is known that bulimia can sometimes result in death if it is not treated and allowed to continue. People with this disorder will eat abnormal amounts, and then they will intentionally force themselves to get rid of it in any way possible. Along with vomiting, you will find some people who use laxatives in extreme amounts. The distortion consists of feeling fat when in many cases that is not the case. The notion is linked with food and weight, and it is this viewpoint that is grossly out of touch with truth. What is often seen in girls is for bulimia to occur in the years following puberty. You’ll find other issues connected and possibly instrumental to this condition including pressures, depression, low self esteem as well as others.

The untreated bulimic can experience life threatening lack of adequate nutrition and excessive loss of fluids. This illness can strike almost anyone if the circumstances are right, and some prominent women have passed on from the influences of bulimia. The artist, Karen Carpenter, tried to get over bulimia for some years. Her problem affected her heart a great deal and it simply killed her. What is of primary concern is to do something about this right away because it is possible to successfully address it and conquer it.

If this disorder is left to go on, then that could create significant inadequacies of many essential minerals besides other biochemical elements. If there is substantial abuse of laxatives, consequently that can produce chronic constipation. If there’s heavy and frequent vomiting, then excessive contact with stomach acid can cause difficulties in the throat and mouth areas. The acid constantly being introduced into the mouth may cause gum infections, irritation and abnormally high number of cavities. More extreme complications can be kidney and heart failure. Our systems need a specific amount of electrolytes for health, and that’s what can be lost due to dehydration. Excessive decrease in electrolytes for too long a period causes heart attack and death. The estimated fatality rate due to bulimia is ten percent.

The bulimic can acquire successful treatment from psychologists, psychiatrists and additional medical specialists. Many times the patient will be under the proper care of a registered dietician, and that is so a nutritious and balanced diet can be available. Professional counseling will work to end the routine of binging and purging. Additional efforts will concentrate on education and understanding of the dangerous nature of bulimia. Perhaps all patients possess their own personal problems that have contributed, and health professionals will attempt to help them deal with or cope with those problems. A large percentage of bulimics will have to learn the way to express themselves and what is on their minds with others, and that could help in the recovery progression.

Bulimia can be fatal, but it could perhaps be successfully beaten and resolved. One more critical area is having strong support from the immediate relatives. Further supportive attempts may involve group therapy as the patient works to heal from the disorder. However, the critical first action is for the bulimic person to admit to the situation. The understanding must be present that one’s outlook and view about eating is altered and producing this problem.

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