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BHANGOR: Former Trinamool Congress MLA Arabul Islam got himself involved in yet another fracas on Saturday when two Trinamool factions clashed inside the party’s office at Bhangor in South 24-Parganas. The incident comes less than a month after Arabul was hauled up for allegedly hurling a water jar at a college professor.

Trouble broke out on Saturday when a group of Trinamool men led by Arabul reached the party office on hearing that some Trinamool men were allegedly trying to extort money from some persons after having issued Trinamool writing pads to them.Arabul said that some traders had complained to him about this. The former MLA went to the spot with his men and reportedly asked the Trinamool men to stop the alleged extortion. This triggered a clash between the two groups. The party office was ransacked and its furniture damaged. Police later reached the spot and brought the situation under control.

The other faction of the Trinamool alleged that one of their leaders Raju Podder was severely beaten up and had to be taken to a local nursing home. Trinamool Zilla Parisad member Mir Taher alleged that he along with Raju and other Trinamool leaders and members was holding a meeting at the place when Arabul and his men suddenly arrived and attacked them. The party office was also allegedly ransacked by Arabul’s men.

Arabul, however, maintained that he and his men did nothing as such and only went to the spot after getting information that some Trinamool men were trying to extort money. A probe has been started to get to further details on the incident.


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