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Hajj is the most important act of worship in Islam and without Hajj Muslim’s religious commitment cannot be complete. Such worship won’t bring person closer to Allah if two the most important conditions are not met and these are following the Prophet by deed and word and being sincere towards Allah. Prophet can be followed properly only if person knows his Sunnah and person is sincere towards Allah only if all is done not for personal gain or to expose self, but to find countenance of Allah. That is why to do any worship person must learn the teachings of the Prophet first. Learning Prophet’s teachings person can do everything according to the Sunnah.

Tamattu, Ifraad and Qiraan are the types of Hajj.

Tamattu means entering ihraam for Umrah during the Hajj months. After reaching Mekka pilgrim would perform saa’i and tawaaf for Umrah and cut or shave his hair. Then on the day of al-Tarwiyah he will enter ihraam again for Hajj. Therefore Tamattu means to complete both, Umrah and Hajj.

Ifraad is entering ihraam only for Hajj. The pilgrim would perform al-qudoom after reaching Mekka and then saa’i and doesn’t exit ihraam but remains until the day of Eid.

Qiraan is entering ihraam for Umrah and Hajj and pilgrim would perform tawaaf and saa’i for Hajj and Umrah. Doing Qiraan pilgrim must offer a hadiy which means sacrifice.

Before Ihraam pilgrim doing ghusl, praying and applying perfume. Then he enters ihraam finishing his prayer. Depending on what he is doing, he should end his prayer with different words. If pilgrim is doing Tamattu, words will be ”Labbayk Allahumma bi Umrah”. If he is doing Qiraam, words will be ”Labbayk Allaahumma bi Hijjah wa Umrah”. If pilgrim is doing Ifraad, he will say ”Labbayk Allaahumma Hajjan”. After that pilgrim should say ”Allaahumma haadhihi hijjah riyaa’a wa la sum’ah”. After that pilgrim should recite Talbiyah during which male pilgrims raise their voice while women recite with low voice that only person beside her can hear. If the person beside is not her mahram, then she must recite silently.

Ghusl is done before entering and after pilgrim does tawaaf and prayer he should go to Mas’s and perform saa’i. Saa’i is performed between al-Safa and al-Marwah. If pilgrim does Tamattu, he should do saa’i for Umrah, and those pilgrims who are doing Qiran or Ifraad should do saa’i for Hajj.

When saa’i is completed pilgrim shaves his head or cutting his hair all over his head, if he is a man. If the time of Hajj is close then pilgrin should only cut his hair, to be able to shave it during Hajj. Women cut only a fingertip length from their hair.

After that pilgrim going to Mina to pray Zuhr, Asr, Isha and Fajr. Prayers should be shortened as the Prophet did, not joined. On the day of Arafah pilgrim goes from Mina to Arafar and in the time of Zuhr stops in Namirah. When the sun gows down, pilgrim should go to Muzdalifah and pray Maghrib and Isha. Prayer should be over before midnight. Pilgrim staying over night in Muzdalifah and at dawn should pray Fajr and go to al-Masha’r al-Haraa and make du’aa’. Then when it’s very light person should go to Mina and stone Jamarat al-Aqabah., do sacrifice, shave head if he is a man, women to cut fingertip of their hair. After that they would go back to Mekkah and do twaaf and saa’i for Hajj. Before leaving Mekkah pilgrim should perform tawaaf.


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